FAQ for Specialists

When is Artis next recruiting?

Artis is currently closed for Specialist applications. Please do ‘Like’ our Facebook page ‘Artis Foundation’ or follow us on Twitter ‘@ArtisFdn’ to receive regular updates on when we will be accepting applications again.

For any enquiries contact Susannah Rolls  (Programmes Manager) tap@artisfoundation.org.uk


Is Artis in my area?

We work in the regions of London, Home Counties, Milton Keynes, Luton, South Bedfordshire, Manchester, Leeds, West Yorkshire and Birmingham.


To find out if Artis reaches the schools in your area, get in touch!

What do you look for in an Artis Specialist?

Highly skilled, imaginative and versatile performing arts specialists who can commit to delivering our creative curriculum on an ongoing basis across the academic year in primary schools, delivering anything from half a day to 4 days a week.


The ideal candidate will have experience and a passion for working with children in an educational setting and be open to delivering holistically. We’re looking for practitioners with a flair for communication, who are open to new challenges and are inspired to nurture creativity in children.


It is essential that candidates are available to commit to ongoing, regular work in order to be considered for this role. Work is based in and around London and the Home Counties, Birmingham, Manchester and , West Yorkshire and Leeds – a willingness to travel within your region is essential.


If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

What does the recruitment process for Artis Specialists involve?

All applicants are first required to submit an application form.

Selected candidates are invited to a workshop session involving various performing arts activities, a short interview and an audition. If successful in this first round, candidates are then observed working with a class of children for 10 to 15 minutes.

At the end of this process, successful candidates are invited to join the Artis Panel and to the initial stage of the Artis training programme.

What does the Artis Training cover?

Here is a selection of sessions from the Artis Training programme:

  • behaviour management
  • child development
  • movement & drama for children
  • working with children’s voices
  • physical and cognitive development
  • learning and teaching styles
  • working in partnership with schools
  • planning and preparation
  • puppetry
  • a holistic approach to music, drama & movement
  • percussion workshops
  • cross-cultural music


Do I have to pay for the Artis Training?

No. Artis is committed to providing excellent training, ongoing professional development and high-level support to all Artis Specialists, so this is where we make our most significant investment (up to £2,000 per Specialist each year).

How will Artis support me once I’m working in a school?

Consistency is vital to Artis, so to ensure Artis Specialists continue to thrive, each one is assigned a personal mentor for weekly monitoring, support and advice.

Our Mentors observe Specialists working in schools twice in their first term and once in every subsequent term, providing verbal and written feedback, which in turn contributes to the Specialist’s annual personal development programme.

How are Artis Specialists engaged?

Artis is a great opportunity for performing artists looking for a portfolio career that includes education and performance.

Artis Specialists are engaged on a self-employed basis; most of them work on an ongoing basis half a day to four days a week throughout the academic year. Some Specialists also do project work and sick cover alongside their ongoing delivery.

How much are Artis Specialists paid?

Artis operates a transparent fee system based on bands of pay related to performance, experience and training.

Alongside training, support and pay, there are ways to earn additional income, such as providing cover, contributing Programmes of Work to the Artis Curriculum or recommending schools or performing artists to work with us.

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