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Artis Transition

I worked with people I don’t normally like. We all had different opinions and we didn’t always agree, but that’s good. If you’re with your friends, they just agree with anything, but this way you get to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Glory, aged 11

For a child, a new school brings a different ethos, a different way of learning and different expectations. The transfer from primary to secondary will always have an immense impact on children and present significant challenges to staff.

Artis Transition supports each stage of the transition process, from preparatory work with primary classes, through to enrichment workshops to help settle and motivate new Year 7 children. This flexible and customised performing arts programme makes the transition into a new learning culture an enjoyable experience that motivates and inspires a new cohort.

Each phase can be delivered independently, with specific workshop outcomes to address your school’s priorities, or as part of a connected programme that encompasses multiple phases to offer a comprehensive transition experience.

The induction day feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive. 100% of students enjoyed the day with Artis and 99% now feel really happy about coming to the academy in September. This is excellent feedback.

Olivia Douse, Head of Expressive Arts, St Mark’s Academy

Select a Programme

Artis Learning…for fully integrated creative curriculum enrichment

Artis Language…for communication skills and EAL

Artis Maths…for bringing maths to life through the arts

Artis Impact…for creative CPD, mentoring, and INSET workshops

Artis Transition …to mind the gap between primary and secondary

Artis Projects…for WOW project days, Arts Weeks, and film workshops

Artis Bounce…mental health and wellbeing workshops

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