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Artis Maths

Artis Maths is an additional focus area which can be integrated with Artis Learning, that enables children to explore mathematics through movement, dance, drama and music. The mathematics curriculum is brought to life in a new and exciting way, giving children an additional way of understanding and enjoying the subject while supporting key classroom learning.

Artis have been inspired by the approach of the national Maths Hubs, which believe that all students should have the opportunity to build competency in new mathematical concepts through both concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches. They strongly champion the concrete approach – involving children using ‘real’ objects and manipulatives to help them understand new ideas.

The physical body is the perfect ‘concrete’ tool – it can become a ‘unit’ for all kinds of number work, or can form a variety of different shapes and patterns to explore.  As examples, children could make acute or obtuse angles with their arms and legs, make whole body shapes ‘in symmetry’ with a partner, gallop round the perimeter of a human pentagon, spin ¼ of a turn clockwise or even dance through x and y co-ordinates on a giant grid on the floor.

Artis Maths supports the ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach. We have focused our programme on developing children’s confidence and proficiency in Number as a foundation for further mathematical inquiry. We focus on the primary four areas of Number, including:

  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multipication and Division
  • Fractions

The National Curriculum states that ‘mathematics is a creative and highly inter-connected discipline’ and that ‘teachers should develop pupils’ numeracy and mathematical reasoning in all subjects’. The Performing Arts is a perfect way to explore all areas of the maths curriculum – number, measurement, geometry and statistic. Actually becoming, ‘doing’, or playing mathematical concepts offers an exciting new way of learning while at the same time increasing strength, agility, co-ordination and team-work skills or improving pitch, rhythm and tempo.

This focus area is delivered weekly, working with whole classes or small groups according to the level of support required within the school.

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Artis Learning…for fully integrated creative curriculum enrichment

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Artis Maths…for bringing maths to life through the arts

Artis Impact…for creative CPD, mentoring, and INSET workshops

Artis Transition …to mind the gap between primary and secondary

Artis Projects…for WOW project days, Arts Weeks, and film workshops

Artis Bounce…mental health and wellbeing workshops

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