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Artis Language

Artis Language is an additional focus area which can be integrated with Artis Learning that enables children, particularly those with English as an additional language, to express themselves with confidence. Schools can choose to focus on Artis Language for a term or longer so everyone can join in and benefit from the language acquisition opportunities intrinsic to the performing arts.

Our holistic sessions, delivered weekly by Artis Specialists, provide a safe and multisensorial environment where children can experience language. We encourage them to find their own voice through listening and imitating, and then responding with their own words and sentences. Inclusivity is central to our programme. We make the meaning of words explicit in clear and contextualised activities to enable EAL children at all stages to participate in a meaningful and active way.

Our lesson plans have been created around specially devised EAL descriptors:

  • speaking
  • listening to understand and respond
  • small group and pair-work tasks and interaction
  • drama, music and movement
  • understanding and interpreting texts receptively
  • understanding and interpreting texts productively.

This focus area is delivered weekly, working with whole classes or small groups according to the level of support required within the school.

Click here to view an example Artis EAL Session Plan.

Click here to view an example Artis Language Session Plan .


I have seen good progress in the children’s work and social skills. They seem much more confident and speak more – put their hands up and are more social with their peers. Progress is also seen in using phrases in writing.

 EAL Coordinator, Jubilee Primary


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