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Artis Film

Artis Film is an exciting weekly term time programme that explores aspects of filmmaking. This programme stimulates children’s literacy and teamwork skills through film and the performing arts.

A highly trained professional leads the classes through the exhilarating journey of producing a film, enabling children to gain knowledge of the filmmaking process. Children will experience the various stages of making a film, including:

  • using filmmaking equipment and ICT tools
  • creating and structuring stories for film
  • understanding and taking on the roles of the film industry
  • interpreting films
  • using the vocabulary of filmmaking
  • performing on camera
  • composing and performing sound for film

Artis Film involves developing story lines, writing scripts and drawing up story boards. Then comes casting, filming, editing and composing a soundtrack. Working in small teams, children have plenty of opportunities to hone their negotiating skills and use filmmaking equipment. There is a role for everyone.

Click to read how Artis Film stimulated children’s literacy and teamwork skills at RJ Mitchell Primary School in our Artis Film Case Study.


Filmmaking is full of exciting challenges. Children’s faces simply fill with pride when they see the final results.

 Stuart Barter (Chime), Artis Specialist & Mentor Leader


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