Artis can benefit an entire school. Regular feedback highlights children’s boosted levels of confidence and self-esteem. Heads see the evidence of this in the classroom through increased concentration, improved behaviour and an overall eagerness to learn.

Extracts from a report by an Ofsted inspector commissioned by Artis and comments from heads support this:

  • Artis provides inspirational curriculum enrichment, through a fully inclusive programme, delivered by trained specialists. Outcomes for children working with Artis Specialists are excellent. Their learning during Artis sessions can be directly related to national curriculum requirements, but is not constrained by them.
  • Children working with Artis Specialists gain in self-confidence and self-esteem through their engagement in group-work in dance, drama and music.
  • Children clearly enjoy their lesson time with Artis Specialists.
  • Children who speak English as an Additional Language and those with other access issues benefit from the Artis kinaesthetic approach to learning.

Monitoring and evaluation is a key priority for Artis.

Simon Gallacher, Head at St Anthony’s, has been working with Artis to:

…enhance the speaking & listening aspects of the curriculum with a view to improving the standards of writing. The work undertaken by Artis Specialist (Murmur) encourages independent, collaborative learning and imaginative thinking, and she never fails to be outstanding. If you ask our children what they most like at school, Murmur usually tops the list.

Artis Results

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