FAQs for Artis Schools

Is Artis in my area?

We work in London, Home Counties, Milton Keynes, South Bedfordshire, Greater Manchester, West and South Yorkshire and Birmingham. We can also offer Arts Week, project days and CPD anywhere in the UK.

To find out if Artis can reach your school, get in touch.

How can Artis benefit my school?

The benefits our schools have highlighted include:

  • a fully integrated creative curriculum that fuses music, drama and movement
  • planning and preparation linked to the school’s priorities
  • high quality, creative PPA cover
  • an opportunity for class teachers to develop their own cross-curricular skills
  • ongoing learning with a highly trained professional performing arts specialist
  • a creative, active and fun delivery that is also structured, progressive and inclusive
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) for all staff within the school.
What does the ongoing Artis provision include?
  • weekly performing arts provision throughout the school year with an Artis Specialist matched to the individual needs of your school
  • planning in partnership with your school to enrich your curriculum
  • ongoing training, mentoring and support of your Artis Specialist
  • performance opportunities for children
  • annual class reports and individual lesson plans
  • option to extend weekly provision to after-school clubs and workshops.
What areas of the curriculum does Artis impact?

Artis impacts all areas in the curriculum: literacy through drama, numeracy through music and rhythm and PE through movement and dance. These are just a few examples because our thematic work, linked to the national curriculum, will also have an effect on how children study geography, history and science.

How much does it cost?

Everything we do is carefully designed to fit your needs and priorities to ensure it is right for your school. What we do in one school may be very different to what we do in another; therefore it is difficult to answer this question before we have an initial consultation with you.

Please get in touch to arrange a visit to your school soon. There’s no obligation, we just need to know more before we can talk about numbers with a degree of accuracy.

In addition, there are also occasional opportunities for bursaries and funded project for schools in deprived areas. If you want to be notified of these opportunities, please email our Partnerships Manager to express your school’s interest.

Can Artis help my school achieve Arts Award or Artsmark?

Yes. Many of our schools have achieved Artsmark after engaging us to work with them. All Artis sessions count towards the number of hours dedicated to the arts, while the Artis Communication Folder provides the evidence needed for music, drama and dance activities taking place in the school.

We are also an Arts Award Centre and have an in-house Arts Award Advisor who can support Discover and Explore at your school.

How can I be sure of the quality of an Artis Specialist?

It is our priority to ensure consistent and high quality performing arts delivery in all of our schools.

All Artis Specialists have been through a rigorous recruitment process and we provide them with an ongoing training programme which has been accredited by the Royal Northern College of Music.

Specialists are assigned an Artis Mentor for additional support and observations; they are required to speak to their mentor weekly and receive detailed feedback after each termly observation. Mentors, in turn, keep in touch with the Artis Management Team so we are always informed of the progress our Specialists are making in our schools.

We hold written references and carry out enhanced DBS checks for all Specialists in the Artis Panel.

How many children do Artis Specialists work with?

Artis Specialists work with whole classes of up to 30 children. Lesson times are normally 40 – 60 minutes but we know that every school is different so we are happy to address any particular requirements.

Can I engage Artis for just one term?

Artis believes in progressive, ongoing performing arts provision where children can build on their skills and gain in confidence week on week. However, you can get a taste of Artis provision through our short-burst projects or our integrated creative term that links to classroom themes and can later be extended to the full academic year.

If you would like to discuss your school’s particular requirements, get in touch.

Can Artis provision take place during half term and holidays?

Yes. We have programmes that can be delivered out of the school terms, but we are unable to provide pastoral care. Get in touch to find out more or click here to view Artis Extra programmes.

Whoosh, Splash? Why the onomatopoeic names for Artis Specialists in schools?

You can read here why our Artis Specialists all have creative, unique names that we use in schools.

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