Reimagine a Temple


We are delighted to bring you a sneak preview of our creative Key Stage 1 and 2 teaching resource partnership with Bloomberg SPACE and the internationally renowned artist Do Ho Suh.

Commissioned by Bloomberg SPACE, Proposal for Sach’ŏnwang-sa, by Do Ho Suh is inspired by the resonance between the Roman Temple of Mithras, on which Bloomberg SPACE is situated, and the ancient Korean temple, Sach’ŏnwang-sa, built circa 670 AD. Suh’s large-scale sculpture offers a poetic reimagining of Sach’ŏnwang-sa, an emergency structure which, though shrouded in mystery, is known to have been made from ‘colourful silk’.

Bloomberg SPACE and Do Ho Suh invited Artis Specialists Toot and Chime to develop a teaching resource designed around a 45minute lesson plan that inspires children to reimagine and reinterpret the installation through movement, music and drama.

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To learn more about the installation, Do Ho Suh and plan your visit to Bloomberg SPACE, visit the London Mithraeum website.







08 Nov 2021

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