‘What is art?’ – the judging panel responds


final final what is art word cloud_500x370Throughout the Spring term, we invited primary schools across the country to submit a 10 word response to the question ‘What is art?’


We were blown away by the breadth and depth of the responses. You can read more about the shortlist and the winner, as well as download resources to continue the philosophical discussions here.


As our judging panel deliberated over the shortlisted entries, they also came up with their own 10 word definitions of what art is:


“Art is climbing into another skin and inhabiting it for a while.”

Dr Rachel Armstrong, scientist
“Art is the result of our imagination enlivening our senses.”

Dame Evelyn Glennie, percussionist
“Art is daily seeing the world afresh and creating it anew.”

Professor Angie Hobbs, philosopher
“Art is an insight to the soul.”

Mary Myatt, Ofsted inspector
“Art is my heart, opened, truth revealed; art is me.”

Keith Powell & Jesna, Headteacher and Year 6 pupil


“Art is the imaginative space where ideas are made visible.”

Emily Pringle, Tate Learning


“Art is Science’s partner in the exploration of the universe.”

Professor Marcus du Sautoy, mathematician
“Art is expression that gives clarity to the heart’s voice.”

Nitin Sawhney, musician, composer & producer
“Art is a mirror that reveals the ruptures in truth.”

Do Ho Suh, sculptor
“Art is what happens when heart and mind play together.”

Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp, dancer
“Art is what helps me make it through the day.”

Professor Joe Winston, drama educationalist
The members of the panel deliberated over 1,000 entries before deciding the following answer to be the deserving winner of £1,000 for the school to spend on the arts:


“Art is the secret recipe for feeling inspired about life.”

Year 2, Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Lewisham.

07 Jul 2015

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