Why we love working in Primary Schools


With the end of term quickly approaching, we’d like to share a few stories about the work that’s been created by our Specialists and children during the Autumn term.


“Year 5 have been learning all about the Tudors – they have particularly enjoyed the gruesome facts! We have been creating performance poetry based around the writing of Sir Walter Raleigh, using movement, freeze frame and soundscape. They have loved recreating scenes that Sir Walter Raleigh might have heard out his window of beheadings and ravens eating the body remains! This sounds gruesome, but the way in which they have used their acting skills to connect with a time period so long ago is pretty amazing. It has worked beautifully as they recently visited Sir Walter Raleigh’s chamber cell in the Tower of London, linking this to my sessions has been great.” Sarah (Fuzzle)
“A child in my Year 2 group has made significant progress since we started working together at the start of this term. Initially she would shout out and it was a challenge to get her to sit with the other children. Her understanding has improved and now she is completely engaged with the session and always first to put up her hand and offer her ideas.” Lucy (Beep)


“Year 3 really enjoyed exploring the Stone Age last half term creating their own language and did some beautiful work visualising and interacting with an imagined prehistoric landscape to music. All the children were able to give detailed accounts of the ‘journey’ they had imagined for themselves and they were all beautiful to see!”  Lilly (Hiccup)


“The whole of the reception EAL group have made real improvements in terms of their language and understanding since I started working with them and during our plenary activities they are all able to talk confidently about the activities we have been doing which many of them were struggling to do in September. One child is incredibly shy and doesn’t speak much in our sessions but on Friday I noticed her joining in much more with the movement/mime activities and she even put her hand up a couple of times during the plenary which is a massive achievement for her.” Lauren (Boom)


We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable break over the holidays!


From the Artis Team

20 Dec 2013

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