Developing teamwork skills, confidence and visual literacy through Artis Film


From developing story lines to composing the soundtrack, children produce their own film during weekly sessions and gain knowledge of the film industry. Teamwork is essential; through taking it in turns to be director, camera person, actor, or sound technician, children express their ideas, listen to each other’s opinions, and constructively evaluate their work.


RJ Mitchell Primary School in Hornchurch engaged Artis to enrich the curriculum for lower KS2 through Artis Film. Artis Specialist, Victoria Snaith (Blam), said: “Early on, children really enjoyed watching film and then reacting to it, which has been great for their visual literacy. And then when the cameras were introduced, their ideas just came flowing out… Year 4s Autumn term topics were audio visual and the Romans, so the children physicalised battle scenes and created costumes to bring it to life.”


Artis Film sessions link to classroom themes though in a new context, so that, as Deputy Headteacher Kevin Lee said, “the children’s experience of learning is very different in these sessions… It means every child can make a positive contribution and be proud of their achievements.”


Headteacher Barry Read is impressed: “The introduction of Blam and her work has had a huge impact in the school. The weekly sessions have been well planned and implemented. It has been fantastic to see the confidence of the children grow. Blam has become part of our team and has linked the work to the Connected Curriculum that we run. The children do not see the Artis sessions as a single entity but as part of the work that they do. I am extremely hopeful that we will carry on our partnership with Artis and Blam.”


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14 Feb 2013

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