The Artis team, as well as a host of guest writers from across the industry discuss creativity, learning and wellbeing, and advise readers on how they can use music, drama and movement to explore the core curriculum in schools.

Lockdown YouTube Artis Celebrities!

Through these remote video sessions being viewed in homes where parents could see their children participating in these amazing online sessions somehow, Artis Specialists became YouTube celebrities!

03 Jun 2021
Lockdown in Halifax: A Head Teacher’s perspective

School is my children’s life. It’s their future. It’s their chance. And it’s their chance at life. It’s where they get their cultural capital from. These children don’t experience the arts, outside school.

04 May 2021 Assorted Color and Pattern Round Ornament
In conversation with Kwame Kwei-Armah (Wow)

I think that imagination is political. I think imagination is everything. It is a refuge. Imagination is future building. With the arts we open up new worlds. We ask you to enter them and feel comfortable in looking at yourself and in learning about yourself or about the things that surround you.

12 Apr 2021 Kwame Kwei-Armah
Artis during the Covid-19 crisis

Between March 2020 and January 2021, Artis Specialists have created more than 1,000 videos for over 7,500 children

21 Jan 2021
Artis | School guidelines for January 2021

Artis Foundation will be operating according to government guidance to deliver creative provision to schools remotely from January 2021.
This document intends to offer Artis partner schools assurance of our measures as an organisation.

05 Jan 2021
The impact of the arts

By Artis Specialist Siân Alex (Bebop)   Photograph by Alizee Marchand On a grey afternoon in February half term, I found myself staring out at a soggy high street, feeling stuck. I had taken myself, a pen and my favourite golden notebook to a local coffee shop to hash out […]

21 Dec 2020
Distancing with a difference!

Want to keep distancing delightful? In moments of creative flow or celebration, children can have a tendency to want to share their joy with you and can career towards you and each other at any given moment! Modelling with props and visualisation techniques can creatively steer the challenges in a positive direction, all the while, providing social and emotional development opportunities.

01 Dec 2020
No props, no problem!

The news that schools would open in September brought many questions, thoughts and feelings about how sessions with full classes of children would look; No props? No singing? No contact? Distancing? Bubbles? Face masks? Visors?! Much of Drama, movement and music delivery needed to be adapted in order to stay within the guidelines.

23 Nov 2020
Artis Learning went digital!

The last academic year has been an extraordinary and unexpected year for everyone, but in spite of school closures due to Covid-19, Artis Foundation has continued to deliver high-quality creative learning to children across the country.

11 Nov 2020
Sir Ken Robinson

This weekend we learnt of the sad passing of the hugely influential educator and author, Sir Ken Robinson. Artis Foundation would like to send our deepest sympathies to Sir Ken Robinson’s family and friends, and offer our immense gratitude for all he did for creativity in education.

Sir Ken spoke widely and passionately about the value of the arts within schools. His 2006 TED Talk ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ has now gained over 65 million views and has inspired so many artists and educators in their careers to push for the arts in schools to support all aspects of a child’s learning.

25 Aug 2020

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