Artis Mentoring


Artis Mentors, professional artists and experienced educators, work alongside classroom teachers. Together they create and deliver lessons to make the core curriculum exciting and relevant to all children and their learning styles.

Artis Mentoring provides class teachers with:

  • Participatory skills development workshops
In-class practice and joint planning
Support from an experienced mentor
Regular feedback and evaluation.

The benefits

This effective interdisciplinary methodology builds upon Learning Through the Arts®, a transformative educational programme from Canada. More than 45 studies on the effects of this programme have proven that it improves outcomes and benefits children, teachers, head teachers and whole school communities. The programme is hands-on, fusing the arts, cognition, and curriculum in multiple learning paradigms. It enhances the capacity of teachers to teach, the ability of children to learn, and the potential of schools to develop.

How we do it

Artis Mentoring runs on a termly cycle consisting of six sessions, with a minimum of two participating class teachers.

The programme includes:

  • Full staff twilight session & individual class teacher planning
  • Four in-class sessions
  • Access to online teaching resources
  • Support from your Mentor in-between sessions.
Contact Us

To discuss or find out more about Artis Mentoring please call 0207 324 9880 or email us.


Registered Charity Number 1174635