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Artis Learning

Artis Learning is our signature programme that has the understanding of a child’s creative mind at its heart. Artis Specialists support children’s innate creativity in a stimulating environment by encouraging them to explore and test new ideas, refine thinking and develop empathy and appreciation of others.

The key reasons why schools engage us are to boost the creative side of their curriculum and for staff development. The Artis Curriculum is delivered weekly throughout the academic year by Artis Specialists. Schools work with us from 1 day each week with 1 Artis Specialist to 4 days a week with multiple practitioners. We can reach 4 to 6 classes every day, and all sessions are linked to classroom themes, providing new experiences to stimulate and encourage imaginative thinking. By integrating the performing arts, our key objectives are:

  • to stimulate creative thinking
  • to boost confidence and teamwork
  • to strengthen powers of self-expression
  • to develop performing arts skills.


Literacy, numeracy and other strands of the curriculum come alive in weekly Artis Learning sessions. Our regular input ensures children acquire relevant knowledge and skills to make real progress towards becoming flexible, integrative thinkers.

In Artis sessions, children may choreograph dances about the solar system, devise theatrical scenes around myths and legends, or write songs about mathematical concepts.


Planning is linked to the curriculum and made up of Artis core skills, which can be seen in our Learning Framework below. These serve as the foundation for all our sessions.


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The Artis Curriculum is one of the best things I have ever seen. It seems to help all children to achieve, which is something wonderful to see.

  Monica Dimmock Head, Glebe Infant School



Artis Learning…for fully integrated creative curriculum enrichment

Artis Language…for communication skills and EAL

Artis Maths…for bringing maths to life through the arts

Artis Impact…for creative CPD, mentoring, and INSET workshops

Artis Transition …to mind the gap between primary and secondary

Artis Projects…for WOW project days, Arts Weeks, and film workshops

Artis Bounce…mental health and wellbeing workshops

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