Artis Bounce

Mental health and wellbeing through the arts

“Resilience is described as the capacity to ‘bounce back’ from adverse experiences, and succeed despite adversity.” Building children and young people’s resilience in schools, Public Health England (2014)

The arts have a unique capacity for inspiring and motivating children’s creativity – they allow children to find their voice and open up their imagination – they also give them a space to explore challenging themes more openly outside of the classroom environment. With the backdrop of the rise in mental health problems in school-age children, a recent study found that people who take part in the arts are 38% more likely to report good health, and after engaging in participatory arts activities, 82% report greater wellbeing.

Artis Bounce is a programme that helps children and young people explore, understand and express their feelings and emotions through music, drama and dance.  By integrating the performing arts into the curriculum with a focus on wellbeing and resilience, the programme will:

  • improve wellbeing and emotional health of children in disadvantaged areas
  • stimulate creative thinking and boost confidence and teamwork
  • build awareness of issues around mental health and wellbeing
  • develop performing arts skills and creativity

The programme has a whole-school approach to supporting mentally “healthy” children and young people and developing resilient schools through the performing arts.

You can read our blog about contemporary research findings about how the arts can support mental health and wellbeing and how Artis can support wellbeing in schools.

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The You, Me, Together project, commissioned by Milton Keynes Cultural Education Partnership, Artswork and the Milton Keynes CCG, took place in early 2018 and engaged four schools over five weeks in arts activities that explored the language children use to express their feelings and their understanding of mental health. Artis designed and delivered the project to 150 children across Milton Keynes, with all children receiving their Discover Arts Award at the end of the six-week project. The project won a National Creative Learning Award for Performing Arts and Music. You can read more about the project here.

On the whole, my class are quiet and reluctant to be animated. During this [project], I have seen the children ‘come to life’. They have been fully engaged and inspired to be confident in themselves.

Year 4 Teacher, Caroline Haslett Primary School

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