Active Learning across the Curriculum



This session is an introduction to how Artis works creatively in schools to support curriculum subjects through the performing arts. The aim is to nurture and support children’s creativity, to encourage confidence, build self-esteem and enhance effective communication and problem solving skills. It will encourage children to develop their own ideas, self-expression and evaluation skills.


  • To learn about Artis’ holistic approach to learning, wherein children are physically engaged in the learning process by acting, singing and dancing the curriculum.
  • To explore a series of fun Artis activities in drama, music and movement that can be adapted to support topic work in across all core subjects.
  • To identify the skills involved and opportunities presented by the performing arts to enhance children’s learning and improve confidence, teamwork and self-esteem.

Suitable for KS1 & KS2 teachers

Available as twilight, half or full day

For more information, or to book, this CPD session please email us or call 0207 324 9880.

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