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Artis is committed to transforming more lives through the arts than we have been able to before. By 2020 we aim for a further 20,000 children and young people from disadvantaged areas to be benefiting from an Artis Learning experience.

We rely on the support of donations and grants for programmes which transform lives by creating magical, high quality learning opportunities that help people flourish.

To address our mission and vision, we use our Theory of Change approach which highlights the key four strategic themes that we are striving to work towards to create lasting change and achieve these.

  • Bringing the curriculum to life in schools
  • Promoting wellbeing and tackling social issues
  • Discovering and nurturing artists as educators
  • And advocating the importance of arts in learning.


Click here to view our infographic about how Artis makes an impact and why our work is crucial.

If you are a Trust or Foundation and would like to support Artis achieve our mission and work, please contact Carys Owen or call 0207 324 9880.

If you’d like to discuss Corporate Sponsorship, Legacy Donation, or if you would like to fundraise for us please contact us.


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