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Artis works in partnership with schools to bring ‘oomph’ and magic to their curriculum, out of school activities and professional development sessions. We believe children learn best when they are having an enjoyable experience that stretches the boundaries of their minds. We create a bespoke programme around curriculum needs so children’s imaginative thinking relates directly to their classroom learning.

Our programmes are a fusion of music, drama and movement delivered through a classroom theme by an Artis Specialist, a highly trained professional performing artist. Our sessions are also carefully planned to focus on school priorities, whether they be mathematics, literacy, emotional wellbeing, cultural awareness or fitness.

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Click here to view the Artis Foundation Holistic Learning Framework to see how we can help support children to achieve learning goals and skills taught in the curriculum.

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Artis Learning…for fully integrated curriculum enrichment

Artis Language…for communication skills and EAL

Artis Maths…for bringing maths to life

Artis Impact…for developing teaching skills through workshops and mentoring

Artis Transition …to mind the gap between primary and secondary

Artis Extra…for clubs, artsweeks, holidays and staff